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Deep Cleaning

Help at Home offer a complete, professional Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Service for individuals and landlords, irrespective of whether it’s private, social or public housing. 

We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and value, so contact us today for a no obligation home visit and quotation.

For example, we clean homes when there is accumulation, neglect or hoarding which could compromise the Health and Safety of people and property. We can remove bodily fluids, pests and vermin, and accumulated rubbish, clutter and unwanted or broken items.

We can then thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate all areas and even provide painting, decorating and handyman services too. Let us manage the whole process from planning to implementation and completion.


We realise that sometimes our services are needed in situations that can be extremely distressing for individuals, relatives or friends. Be assured that we always approach agreed tasks in a non-judgmental manner, completing our work quickly and discretely.

We understand the needs of people with all types of disabilities and long term health conditions too, so they feel safe and not embarrassed by the situation they may find themselves in. We often work in conjunction with support workers, negotiating an efficient and economical plan of action to bring a property back up to standard.

Ongoing help

Our Deep Cleaning services can offer a one-off fresh start. But if requested we will help you keep on top of things too.

For example, through regular domestic cleaning and tidying, gardening (including clearance), laundry, shopping, DIY, and so on. 

We work with customers to find solutions that best meet their needs and budget. Our range of services is wide, but each customer is treated individually with no hard sell!

Contact us today

Contact us today for details, including our free, no obligation home visit and quotation service.

We work with individuals, social services, support workers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, GP Practices, faith-based and voluntary organisations, carers, family and friends. We’d love to work with you too!